August 8, 2016

Pool Info

Fountains Pool is officially open for the summer!

Keys were changed in 2017 season as we do every 2-3 years to limit pool access to Fountains Residents only. This enables everyone to enjoy the pool without non-dues paying guests.

We will be issuing replacement keys for $5.00 by appointment 10am & 10 pm at the pool. Please bring proof of residency (utility bill with fountains address and photo ID) to receive one key per resident. Contact Tony Cox at 405-202-9864 for appointment. DO NOT copy and distribute keys to non-residents as they will be asked to leave.

Friendly reminder that the Fountains Pool is a Quiet Pool for Fountain’s dues-paying residents to enjoy with their family. Non-family friendly behavior and crowds will be reported to the HOA Board and could result in a loss of pool access for offenders.

New pool guidelines are posted on signs at pool entrance. Please respect guidelines so that pool remains family friendly for all dues paying residents.

For those of you with health concerns after recent articles published about hotel pool safety, our pool is maintained per city regulations by a certified pool operator. Pool water is tested multiple times daily and balanced as necessary . This information is recorded on logs that are stored for 3 years per state law. The pool is inspected by city inspectors several times per season for compliance and we continue to receive excellent audit reports. The pool is drained and refilled at beginning of each season to maintain and maximize the sanitary conditions of the water for our residents. Please respect the maximum bathing load capacity so the the sanitary conditions of the pool remain safe at peak capacity periods.

Thank you and please report concerns and violations of guidelines to the HOA Board.

Request Pool Key

Pool Season (2018):

Open May 25th 2018  to September 3rd 2018.

Pool Hours:

During the pool season, the pool is open daily from 10am to 10pm.

Pool Key:

The pool area is gated and requires a key.  Keys can be picked up at the pool.

Contact Tony Cox: 202-9864.  Replacement keys are $5.

Pool Rules:

For the benefit of all our neighbors, please respect the following list of pool rules.  

  • Pool hours are from 10am to 10pm daily.  Now that houses have been built in the immediate area around the pool, please be sure to respect the 10pm closing hours.
  • No lifeguard or attendant will be on duty.  All patrons swim at their own risk.
  • No more than 51 persons shall be allowed in the pool area at one time.
  • No patron under the age of 16 is allowed to swim without an adult from their household present.
  • No diving allowed.
  • In the event of visible lighting or thunder, all patrons must leave the pool area.
  • No alcohol or glass is permitted within the pool fence.
  • All patrons must shower with soap before entering the pool.
  • Persons with open wounds, bandages or symptoms of communicable diseases must not enter pool.
  • Running or rough play are not allowed at anytime.
  • Cut-off shorts are not permitterd in the pool.
  • Patrons must close the gate as they leave.
  • Only Fountains residents and their guest are allowed to use the pool.
  • Any persons caught vandalizing the pool or equipment can be banned from using pool area.
  • Objects not designed for use in a pool, including patio furniture, must not be placed in the water at any time.
  • Children who are not yet potty-trained must use swimming diapers.